Wow… looking at my site I can see I’ve been pretty over the past year as I haven’t entered a single update.

Well, I’ve decided to enter the Army Run this year. I’ve managed to talk everybody into doing it as a family. Unfortunately as my compartment syndrome in my legs has gotten so bad there is no way I can actually run the event. It really means a lot to me obviously and I just want to go out and show my support.

As the title says, sorry about the mess around here. I had great intentions when I relegated my Photo Gallery to be the “Old Photo Gallery” as I had plans on introducing a fancy bright new product that could do so much more and look fantastic and modern. But as of yet I still haven’t ported the contents of the old gallery powered by MG2 to the new one powered by NextGEN.

All of my photos are still available here and I will eventually being putting all of my original content and any new work here.

One unfortunate incident did happen yesterday. I had the new gallery pretty much at the look and feel I had wanted then did an update of NextGEN and lost all of my custom .php changes I had made so basically have to start over from scratch. Unfortunately that will take some time to customize again (this time I will remember to make backups)

RPC 2009 (Red Pine Camp)

Wow, a whole year with no posts and so much has happened…

I have decided to start my own company which does web design and am currently working on a couple of exciting projects with Silvia Pecota Studios.

I also took the family to Walt Disney World in Florida and even though there was records set for the rainfall we managed to have a great time.

We have just returned from our annual trip to Red Pine Camp. We had another “memorable” time this year: 4 nights of sleeping in a cabin there and the kids had an absolute blast as they pretty much are allowed to run free.

Too bad the weather sucked this year though, it wasn’t the same experience but the kids still had a good time and that is what is all about really.

Click on the picture to go to this years album and the couple fireworks photos I took.