Corporal Randy Payne

~ In loving memory of my brother Corporal Randy Joseph Payne ~

Beloved Randy

Above, you see one of the last photos taken of my brother Cpl. Randy Payne and it was taken on Friday 21 April, 2006. One day before his untimely death. After you read this article, you can click the “My photo gallery of Randy” link in the sidebar at the right to see more of Randy.

Corporal Randy Joseph Payne was killed in action in Afghanistan on 22 April 2006.
Randy and 3 other soldiers were killed when an improvised explosive device struck
the G-Wagon they had been driving back to the Kandahar Airfield from a remote
Forward Operating Base in Gumbad, 75 kilometers north of Kandahar city. 3 other
soldiers (Cpl. Matthew Dinning, Lieut. William Turner, Bombardier Myles Mansell)
were killed instantly, but Randy was airlifted back to the airfield where he
underwent emergency surgery but later succumbed to his massive internal injuries.

You will forever live in our hearts and prayers my dear brother Randy. You have
fallen at such a young age so that others may grow old because you have made the
ultimate sacrifice for our country, and freedom in the world. You proudly performed
your duty until the end. You were so strong, you kept up the fight to live long
after others would have been able to. You fought and fought to come home and see
your lovely family and this is the only fight that I know of that you lost.

The convoy commander had asked Scott at the ramp ceremony to pass on how
professional you had been and that you had always done everything right, everytime.

Fear not Randy for your family and your memory will not be forgotten.

Jody, Tristan and Jasmine are going to be taken care of for the future,
I promise you that I will see to that.

They say there will be 2,000 people at your funeral Randy. Can you imagine that?
2,000 people! The town has never seen anything like this before. I have to go
now Randy, I can’t see through these tears anymore and I don’t want to have
another breakdown.

We all LOVE AND MISS YOU my brother.

Rest in eternal peace brother, for your work here on earth is done and you
have been called to a higher place to join the army of angels where you are
needed more and will no longer feel pain.

Until we meet again…

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Corporal Randy Payne

  1. Thank you for these photos. Randy gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be missed dearly. I am left with sadness and grief, but more than that…a sense of pride and honor – that I knew him and that he considered me his friend.

  2. Dear Chris … I tried so hard to hold my tears back reading this but dont let your tears stop you from talking to your sweet brother and writing about him. The more you talk to him I think the better things may seem. I lost a sister when I was 22 and it took a few years to come to terms but now its like she’s still here everyday and I now can talk about her and smile … Just a little about me to say I know. Take care, Audrey

  3. Hi Chris, my thoughts are with you. You are going thru a difficult time, your brother was a true hero, you will have good memeories to hang on too, if need let the tears roll, the laughter, the pain of remembering, he will not be forgotten, I lost a few special brothers & sisters, I think of them all the time.The tears still come., and thats okay. Take care my friend.

  4. Hi Chris,

    I had the opportunity to meet Randy through your Mom. Her and I worked together. Tristan and Jasmine stole our hearts. Randy and I talked a few times about him joining the forces, you see I am a retired Administration Clerk and an x-recruiter so I told him all the good reasons to join knowing the Military was going to benefit from him. I know you dad well also and it looks like you all support our country proudly. Randy will not be forgotten, nor will Jody and the kids. Gananoque could not be more proud of you all.

    Time heals all pain and your memories will live forever.


    Karen and Sandy MacRae


  6. Chris,
    It is so hard to put into words anything that could possibly alleviate some of the pain that you and your family must be experiencing. As you must realize by now, your brother was also part of a much larger and extended family known as the Military. When I heard of his and his comrads deaths, my heart instantly became heavy with so many mixed emotions. You should be so proud of what he stood for and all that he accomplished in his life here on eath and just know that he will now be your special angel, always looking out for you and the remainder of your family. Please know that we as Military members all around the world share your grief and are also so very proud of your brother, RANDY. My wish is that God give you and your family the strength to deal with Randies death and hopefully be even closer as a family because of it. It wasn’t for nothing and he did make a difference, representing his Country and doing what most wish they could, but for whatever reason can’t. On behalf of all Military members, to you , Randy and your Family, I send a heartfelt and sincere “Thank You.” God’s Speed.

  7. Chris. I have already made a contribution to the attachment that is displayed on and I was in the large crowd outside the church but close enough to view the family and the children. The purpose of this entry is that I am planning on a wreath laying as part of the Wilton Memorial, just outside Kingston and North of Odessa, on Nov 11th for Randy and those who have lost their lives since the Korea war. There will be a strong presence of Red Berets. Please contact me if you and the family would like to be remembered at that memorial this coming 11th Nov. Though your spirits are still in pain I pray that you all have the strength to carry on and that Randy can look down and see some peace with your family.

  8. Chris:
    Being in the military myself, I was just sent this site of your’s about your brother Randy. I’ve literally spent hours going thru it; it’s absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing with us all. What a precious soul. I can empathize with your pain having lost a very close loved one 10 years ago. God bless and draw all the family near during the emotional pain you all are now dealing with. Time truly does heal all pain and thank God you have so many wonderful memories to remember Randy with forever. I hold you all up in my prayers. Truly……a wonderful tribute.

  9. Chris, Yvonne and I would like to extend our heartfelt sorrow to your family with the lost of Randy. Randy’s loss was felt deeply by Yvonne and I. Your dad Dave and mother were close friends of ours while with the RCR, 66-69. Yvonne and I held you in our arms when you were just a wee one. The loss of Randy, is like losing one of our own. Our prayers and thoughts go out to your family. Friends always.

  10. Dear Chris…We have already written to your Mom and Dad expressing our sadness. Randy was often in our apartment in Baden, as he and Rob were friends at a very young age. Your Dad sent us the family’s last Christmas picture, and I couldn’t help but notice Randy’s resemblance to his father. I’m sure the military felt like home to him. Thank you for the great job you’ve done with this site. It’s helped us know Randy as an adult. Bob and Sue McDermaid.

  11. As an ex-soldier my heart goes out to Randy’s family and friends. He was doing what he wanted to do. Defend freedom vvv

  12. Chris, Your brother was a true hero, I knew him long before I met Jody, It still seems so hard to believe.I have fond memories from high school as I know that everyone does, I am so sorry for all of your losses, I have a 6 year old that wants to know all about the soldier Randy Payne he tells me he wants to know all about that hero man so his memory will live on in the hearts of everyone!!! Take care to all
    Michelle Klith
    As a wear a poppy this November 11th it will have a different meaning to me now and forever!!!!!!!!!!!!May all that know Randy please wear a poppy with pride to of known a real hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I am so very sorry for your lost. I watched in pain all the pain you and your family went through. As I have 2 of my kids in the Arme Forces. My oldest knew your brother and just sent me your web site as they all just got it.
    I am proud of you for doing the site up, for your brother, it had to be hard to do. It brought me to tears.
    I was one of the mothers who wrote to the news papers out raged about our flag not being lowered for our soldiers (kids) being killed. It made the papers. I even got calls about it. They thought it was well written and got the message across.
    They (THE Halifax HERELD PAPER) N.S. said they would run on their FRONT page a picture of the flag lowered any time a Canadian soldier was killed even though the Canadian Gov. didn’t think it was important. They said it was important to them and how most Canadians felt. That made me feel good. At least someone felt for the soldiers and their familys. The people do feel the same for the soldiers and what they are doing and going through, even though I feel our Gov. has let them down.

    Thanks for your web site. At least your brother will not be forgotten. I even have the people at work wearing red for the soldiers every Friday for support.
    A Mom who cares

  14. Hi Chris,

    One moment I’m reading your post on the forum of a php photo gallery program called minigal and than I end up on your site with those beautiful words about your brother who has been tragically killed in Afganistan. I would like to express my sympathy and hopes that he won’t be forgotten.

    the Netherlands.

  15. Chris:

    I’ve been an Military Policeman for 27 yrs and still serving. I served in Cyprus, Bosina and Africa. It was a very devastating day when I heard the news, Randy was one of the Military Police family and also the CF. This web site really and true is a great dedication to your brother and his service to our country. It isn’y easy keeping this wweb site current due to the lost; however I beleive this will help you in the healing process. I loss a brother four years ago, the gret memories we shared will always be there. take care Chris and keep all memories close to you. God Bless.

  16. Hi Chris,
    I am so sorry to hear about your brother. I don’t know what I would do if I lost mine. I knew your brother a while ago and was so glad I got to be apart of his life for he was a big part of mine. I met your brother when he rented a boat slip off my parents when I lived in Gananoque. He was always so happy and fun to be around where he would sit in our backyard and chat with the family like he was apart of it and was always welcome and we always made him feel right at home. He came to some of our parties and family get togethers. He had a lot of fun times I know on the river sometimes coming up from sleeping in the boat ha ha. He was a great person to look up to and our family is very sad to have seen him leave this world but he will always be in our hearts for he had such a big heart himself to hold us in his. I give you this memory of mine, for I know it just adds to the circle of love you have for him and I know any story of my brother I would want deeply and I know he isn’t just my buddy, my pal, or my best friend, he is my brother god damn it and right to the end.

    I hope all is well with your family and best regards.


  17. Chris, just a reminder of ongoing events that the Peterborough Chapter of the Canadian Assn of Veterans in UN Peacekeeping (CAVUNP) has coming up. We will be conducting “tag days” at both Canadian Tire Stores and all 4 LCBO outlets in Peterborough on 04 and 05 August in aid of the trust fund. A meeting of the volunteers will be held at 1800 on 29 July 06 at the Air Force Club at 274 King St in Peterborough.
    On 30 September we will be holding a fund-raising dinner at the Combined Senior Mess at the Peterborough armoury in aid of the trust fund. Information on tickets will be forwarded when the guest speaker is finalized. (I cannot yet announce the speaker, but when confirmed many will be surprised by his stature)
    We think that both of these events will provide a significant boost to the trust fund.
    All the Best….Bill

  18. Chris;
    Though you don’t know me and I did not know Randy, I feel a terrible loss for you and your family. I am not a member of the military, but do have siblings in the service. My youngest brother has done several peace keeing missions and has been to Afghanistan also. I also am witness to each repatriation of our boys coming home, as I live beside CFB Trenton. I just wanted to pass along my family’s and my own heart-felt condolences to your and your family. May God Bless you all and help you through this awful time.

    Be asssured that as many members of my family that can will be attending the Memorial for Randy at Baker’s Island in Sept.

    Keep the Faith!

  19. Chris,
    It has been a very long time…too long..but not too late. You and your family have been in my thoughts as you move through this difficult time. My brother Mike has been in Afghanistan since February and my other brother Shawn is a police officer in Vancouver. Our lives are forever changed because of their committments to their professions of arms.
    Your site and honouring of Randy is a wonderful tribute to his life and your family’s connection to the military.
    Warmest regards…and hope to see you soon.
    Siobhan GMT 8801

  20. Chris;

    May I offer my families deepest condolences to you, Randy’s family, his friends, and colleagues. As a former MP 811, not knowing your Brother, I can attest that Randy, a member of the Military Police Family, will never forgotten for his love, dedication, and loyality not only to his profession but also the CF. Chris may I commend you for setting up this site in memory of your Brother. I plan on attending the Memorial for Randy in September, bring as many family members and friends as possible. In closing may I offer a quote from John 15:13
    – Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. –

    God Bless!


  21. Worked with Randy CFB Wainwright, AB. He was there working as an MP, while i was working for the Fire Dept. Had lunch with him on many occations, he and the other MP’s always got a big kick out of how much military food i could pack into this stomach of mine. Randy always had an infectious smile on his face that lit up the room and will always be in our thoughts. Rest in peace brother.

  22. Hey, I am a member of the CP team which randy was on. I have known Randy for a while, we went through the academy togteher and then joined CP, I would just like to offer my condolences to you and your family and I think it is great what u are doing for his, your family.


  23. My prayers go out to you and your family. The Military Police branch was my family for 22 plus years and it brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear of a military member killed. Your brother’s love and dedication to the military police branch and the Canadian Forces will live on in our lives. I pray for your family and our military families where ever they may be stationed.

  24. Hi Chris,

    My wife and I am attending the Police and Peace Officers Memorial service in Ottawa on Sunday (Sep 24) for Randy and Cpl Dinning.

    May God bless both families concerned, now and forever.


  25. Dear Chris,

    Thank you for creating this tribute to your brother. I am a student in Ottawa and attened the police memorial today, as I do every year. I noticed for the first time, however, this year’s Honour Roll included the names of two MPs. Upon my return home, I searched for some information on Cpl Payne and Cpl Dinning. Reading over your site has provided more than just a face to a name, but a story and a family as well. I can assure you that the service of soldiers like your brother does not go unnoticed nor unappriciated by us Canadians.


  26. Hi Chris.
    You’ve done a wonderful job at putting this site together for Randy’s memory. He came into Jody’s life 11 yrs ago, and they should have been together alot longer than that. They were soulmates as I’m sure you saw and anyone who saw them together knew. He was a wonderful brother. I don’t call him my brother in law as I don’t think of him that way. I think of him as though he’s been here my entire life. I will always remember his smile. I’m always telling Megyn about how brave and good her Uncle Randy was and I will always keep him alive. Thank you again Chris for this site.

  27. I knew Randy from men’s hockey in Gananoque and he was a gentleman through and through. I didn’t know him as a soldier but as a Canadian I am proud and eternally grateful to Randy and all of our soldiers who have chosen to set aside their own needs, desires and sometimes give their lives for my benefit.

    Randy is still with us. His legacy lives on. I am proud to say that I knew him. He will not be forgotten. As a police officer I am honoured to be associated with such brave souls.

    Take comfort in knowing Jody, Tristan and Jasmine, Chris and the entire Payne family,that anyone who ever knew or met Randy are better people because of him.

    God bless,

    Dave Canty

  28. This is a well designed site, Chris. We also just heard the song, “The Call” by Jeff Callery, and hope that it can help keep awareness of our troops in Afghanistan and other arenas.

    Randy was Lorraine’s cousin.

    Best wishes to all.

    John & Lorraine Manuel, Oshawa

  29. Chris,
    Every now and then I find myself going back through your website. You have done a great thing in creating and maintaining this site. I am only sorry that you had to do this at all!
    Randy has touched all of our lives in such an incredible way. His smile was contageous and his spirit is unquestionable.
    I hope you and your family have found peace in knowing that an angel is now keeping a close watch over you.
    God Bless,
    Tim Lidlow

  30. Chris,
    God bless Randy.
    We are very sorry for your loss; for we just learned your brother was killed in action in Afghanistan on 22 April 2006.
    We remember him from your wedding in Hawaii.

    Take care my friend and we do hope, that you and your family can find peace.


    Richard Laporte et Lina Lemelin

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